Assalamualaikum to all Muslim friends n welcome to all …

… i’m doing research on Fiqh of Islamic Website Usage … during this research many theories came across like Diffusion of Innovation Theory, Gender Theory, Uses and Gratification Theory, n the latest … Appropriation Theory … all those theories related to the uses of the internet … so how to apply those theories into my research … what the design should i use?

Recently, i came across with new theories, i.e attitude theory, theory of planned behavior and theory of reasoned action.

So these theories have to be understand by me before developing a new theory for my research;
1. Diffusion of Innovation Theory; how internet user especially among respondents, accept internet.
2. Gender Theory; differences among gender in regard their attitude towards internet and SNS.
3. Uses and Gratification Theory; reasons for their acceptance of internet.
4. Appropriation Theory; how user categorized website >[1]
5. Attitude Theory; user attitude towards internet, positively or negatively
6. Theory of Planned Behavior >
7. Theory of Reasoned Action

[1] Francine Charest, Francois Bedard, Identification of Six Socio-types of Internet Users and their Impact on the Interactivity of Tourism Websites,


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