Villages in India Show the U.S. Just How Dangerous Fluoride in Our Water Is…

Of the 200-odd villagers in the Indian town of Gaudiyan, around 135 have bone deformities. A private doctor who conducts social work in the area termed it as a case of skeletal fluorosis — the result of excess fluoride content in drinking water.

In another part of India, also partly as a result of fluoride poisoning, children are losing their vision. They have been diagnosed with Lamellar Congenital cataract — a condition in which the eye lenses are damaged.

According to The Times of India:

“…high fluoride content in water and Vitamin A deficiencies is ruining the lives of children of this taluk.”

Other examples of such harm include the village of Sogival where the groundwater contains 4.84 ppm of fluoride and two-thirds of the people suffer from skeletal deformities. And in Bihar, the prevalence of physical deformity is yet another testament to excessive fluoride exposure. >

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