New Cause Found for Baldness

These days, if preparing for a big meeting or your college reunion finds you attempting an artful comb-over, there may be hope coming your way. New research has pinpointed another likely cause of male pattern baldness, and that might mean more successful forms of treatment will eventually be available.

Scientists at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia focused on comparing men who had experienced hair loss with their peers with full heads of hair to determine where the difference lies. And their assessment did indeed find a difference: men with male pattern baldness have a much greater quantity of prostaglandin D2 protein on their scalps.1 This protein and the derivatives into which it breaks down are known to obstruct the growth of hair. Male pattern baldness takes place when hair follicles contract in size. The hairs that subsequently grow are very small and fall out quickly, leaving the individual with increasingly large bald spots. >

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Going Bald, Men and Women


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