A journey to mecca – full movie

The 20 year old Muslim religious law student Ibn Battuta (1304–1368),[5] whose full name was Abu Abdullah Muhammed Ibn Abdullah Al Lawati Al Tanji Ibn Battuta,[6] set out from Tangier, a city in northern Morocco, in 1325, on a pilgrimage to Mecca, some 3,000 miles (over 4,800 km) to the East. The journey took him 18 months to complete and along the way he met with misfortune and adversity, including attack by bandits, rescue by Bedouins,[7] fierce sand storms[6] and dehydration.[7]

Ibn Battuta spent a total of 29 years travelling and covered 75,000 miles[7] (117,000 kilometres)[6] before he finally returned home.[7] He travelled “further than any writer before him […] covering most of the known world”,[8] through Africa, Spain, India, China and the Maldives.[7]

On Ibn Battuta’s return the Sultan of Morocco requested that he relate his experiences, and this was to become what the Saudi Gazette referred to as “one of the world’s most famous travel books”, the Rihla (Voyage).[6][7]

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