Diseases of the Urinary System

In the last two newsletters, we explored both the anatomy of the urinary system and the physiology of the urinary system. In this issue, we’ll examine what can go wrong. My intent here is not to explore the details of diseases of the urinary system, but rather, to explore their actual impact on the system.


Quite simply, if we understand what degrades the tissue and functions of the different parts of the urinary system, we have a chance to do something about it — to either prevent those things from happening in the first place, or reverse them after the fact — rather than merely managing symptoms. In other words, I intend to explore the diseases of the urinary system from the alternative health perspective that disease is the final manifestation of a series of events and choices rather than the medical perspective that disease is an isolated event unto itself. (Note: although kidney and bladder cancer kill some 28,000 people a year in the US,1,2 we will not discuss them at this time but save them for a future discussion when we explore the anatomy and physiology of cancer itself.) >


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