Cancer-Causing Deodorant?

Back when puberty first hit all those years ago, you probably started a regimen of good hygiene that included washing your face regularly to prevent pimples, shaving when necessary (yes, girls too), and using deodorant to keep body odor at bay. Now we have to start wondering about the price we may pay for good grooming since a new study has found one of the components of deodorant in breast cancer tissues. And no, I’m not talking about aluminum.1,2

There has been a lot of suspicion about parabens, xenoestrogenic preservatives commonly used in not only deodorants but also cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, and even some foods, since more than a decade’s worth of research has found links between them and breast cancer. Parabens are estrogenic in nature and estrogen is an essential factor in breast cancer occurrences. >


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