New Media and Arab Uprisings

The truth about Twitter, Facebook and the uprisings in the Arab world

Recent events in Libya, Tunisia and Egypt have been called ‘Twitter revolutions’ – but can social networking overthrow a government? Our correspondent reports from the Middle East on how activists are really using the web. >

Media in the Egyptian Uprising: New Edition of On-Line Journal

The latest issue of the on-line journal Arab Media and Society is a special issue focusing on the role of media in the Arab uprisings. >

New Media and the People-Powered Uprisings

Social media is a potent tool for change, one that upends the collective action dynamics that, until now, have constrained Arab citizens. >

Social media and the Arab uprisings: Gladwell 0: McLuhan 1

To honour what would have been Marshall McLuhan’s 100th birthday this coming Thursday, I offer these reflections on McLuhan’s thinking as applied to the so-called Arab Spring—really a set of suggestions for further exploration. >


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