Why the Muslims today are not Helped by Allah Ta’ala

Hazrat Maulana Sa’ad emphasized on one point seriously and drew attention of the Muslim Ummah toward its distressed situation. This is an important extract from Tongi Ijtema Bayan on January 30th, 2009 amidst Muslims all over the world.

Only Sabr (holding patience) for Muslims, is not sufficient to bring Allah Ta’ala support and favor for them. If Muslims are oppressed and they undergo Sabr, that is just a partial fulfillment of Allah Ta’ala command. The Muslims’ life must be established on the premise of Taqwa. If Taqwa and Sabr both are present, then and there is the Promise of Allah Ta’ala in favor of the Believers (Muslims).

However, today the situation is such that Muslims while being oppressed are practising Sabr fine, but what good will such Sabr bring to them. What happens if a thief is beaten because of being found guilty of committing a theft? He also holds patience. This patience is of no good, it doesn’t sympathize the police nor the government. He is accused of theft and thus faces punishment. Similarly a Muslim without life of Taqwa, practising only Sabr (patience) will not be in the position of getting Allah Ta’ala’s Help. Allah Ta’ala has no Promise for a person leading life without Taqwa. Taqwa is the quality through which a Muslim’s life would refrain him from disobeying Allah Ta’ala because of Fearing Allah Ta’ala.

A Muslim, who disobeys Allah Ta’ala in his day to day life, demonstrates that he doesn’t possess Taqwa, i.e. he doesn’t Fear of care Allah Ta’ala (Allah Ta’ala save us, Ameen!). How can such a person (not having Taqwa) be an oppressed one (Mazloom) in the Sight of Allah Ta’ala? He is definitely not any oppressed! Such a Believer, a Muslim will be oppressed in this world, this is punishment he is getting in this world, after death more painful punishments are coming, starting from the torments of grave! Attain Taqwa, be a sincere Muslim! Then hold up your patience, make Sabr (in place of Sabr), see how Allah Ta’ala Helps! Otherwise His Support will not be Obligatory on us … we must not expect Allah Ta’ala’s Support, without attaining Life of Taqwa!


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