The source of the water miracle: Hydrogen bonds

  • Water at room temperature is in liquid form. The liquid form of water is a result of small hydrogen atoms and oxygen atoms that strongly pull on these and the hydrogen bonds that are formed between two water molecules.
  • Water molecules are formed by covalent bonds. However, the bond that ties this molecule to another water molecule is the hydrogen bond. Hydrogen bonds are very weak.
  • The lifetime of a hydrogen bond is only one in one millionth of a second. However, breaking the bond does not destroy the molecule, because when a bond is broken a new bond is formed immediately. As a result of this constant renewal, it is not possible for water molecules to stick to one another. As a result of this, these molecules become fluid.
  • Molecules group together as a mobile liquid instead of a gas, which behaves independently. This unique structure of water is one of the essential elements of life. >

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