Attempting to Imitate insects’ piloting abilities

It is not yet completely understood how flying insects adjust their flight altitudes and how they control their take offs and landings. Scientists aim to provide clues about how insects adjust the most appropriate distance from the ground during flight in their research. Researchers are currently studying the movement abilities of specially designed flying robots for this purpose. The French Scientific Research National Center is only one of the many centers involved in carrying out this study.

Important Plane Companies Research Small Insects

Flying insects have more advanced flying techniques than planes in many respects. They can tumble in the air, hover in one location for a long time and make sudden movements. They can automatically make the necessary adjustments according to variables like the wind and land on the ground with dramatic suddenness. Planes on the other hand do not have such sharp maneuvering abilities.

All of these perfect characteristics flying insects possess has had an influence on many researchers. Even though scientific experience and techniques are very advanced today, even the most current technology is still limited in understanding the secret of the flying techniques of insects; indeed the technology humanity has is still very far away from being able to apply the flight abilities of these insects to the real world. Boeing and Airbus, companies that are among the leaders in aviation technology, as well as NASA and the US Air Force devote significant financial resources to research insect flight’ characteristics in order to advance the technology they use. >


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