Cyber -Islamic Environments

Gary R. Bunt use of the CIE term “acknowledges diversify among and within different zones in cyberspace that represent varied Muslims worldviews within the House of Islam, all of which present a reference point of identity with a conceptualization if Islam.” (Gary R. Bunt 2009)[1]

[1] Gary R. Bunt (2009), iMuslims Rewiring the House of Islam, pp.1


One thought on “Cyber -Islamic Environments

    This is an extremely important lecture for Muslims who want to govern their lives in accordance with the Quran. Most Muslims know only one type of fasting which is observed during the month of Ramadan, while this lecture will point out various other types of fasting mentioned in the Quran (in addition to what we observe in Ramadan) and also the various reasons behind the different types of fasts, which ultimately increases our consciousness for Allah. This is a must watch as these other types of fast are also ordained by Allah which we are not told about as we are growing up, hence we are leaving a major practice that we as Muslims are suppose to do.

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