Type of Website

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  1. Answer Site; Answer site is a site where people can ask questions & get answers. [Islam Q&A, Ask Imam, Ask the Imam]
  2. Blog (web log); Sites generally used to post online diaries which may include discussion forums (e.g., blogger, Xanga). Many bloggers use blogs like an editorial section of a newspaper to express their ideas on anything ranging from politics to religion to video games to parenting, along with anything in between. Some bloggers are professional bloggers and they are paid to blog about a certain subject, and they are usually found on news sites.[Haq Islam, Muslim Bloggers Alliance, An Indian Muslim, Muslimness, The American Muslim, Newmuslim Blog, The Muslim Blogger]
  3. Community site; A site where persons with similar interests communicate with each other, usually by chat or message boards. [Myspace, Facebook, orkut]
  4. Dating website; A site where users can find other single people looking for long range relationships, dating, or just friends. [Muslim Matrimony, Meet Muslim Singles, Nikah.com, Zawaj.com, Qiran.com, Muslimwedding.org, Matrimony.org]
  5. Electronic commerce (e-commerce) site; A site offering goods and services for online sale and enabling online transactions for such sales.
  6. Forum website; A site where people discuss various topics. [Ummah Forum, MPACUK, Halaqah.net, Islamicboard.com]
  7. Government Site; A website made by the local, state, department or national government of a country. Usually these sites also operate websites that are intended to inform tourists or support tourism.
  8. Media sharing site; A site that enables users to upload and view media such as pictures, music, and videos. [Flickr, YouTube, PureVolume and Google Videos]
  9. Microblog site; A short and simple form of blogging. Microblogs are limited to certain amounts of characters and works similar to a status update on Facebook. [Twitter]
  10. News site; Similar to an information site, but dedicated to dispensing news, politics, and commentary. [cnn.com]
  11. Personal website; Websites about an individual or a small group (such as a family) that contains information or any content that the individual wishes to include. Many personal homepages are rare, thanks to the modern era of social networking sites such as Myspace, but some are still used for at home businesses. This website is different from a Celebrity website, which can be very expensive and run by a publicist or agency.
  12. Political site; A site on which people may voice political views, show political humor, campaigning for elections, or show information about a certain political party or ideology.
  13. Rating site; A site on which people can praise or disparage what is featured. [Top Muslim Blogs]
  14. Religious site; A site in which people may advertise a place of worship, or provide inspiration or seek to encourage the faith of a follower of that religion.
  15. School site; a site on which teachers, students, or administrators can post information about current events at or involving their school. U.S. elementary-high school websites generally use k12 in the URL
  16. Scraper site; a site which largely duplicates without permission the content of another site, without actually pretending to be that site, in order to capture some of that site’s traffic (especially from search engines) and profit from advertising revenue or in other ways.
  17. Social networking site; A site where users could communicate with one another and share media, such as pictures, videos, music, blogs, etc. with other users. These may include games and web applications. [Facebook, Orkut]
  18. Webmail; A site that provides a webmail service. [Hotmail, Gmail]
  19. Wiki site; A site which users collaboratively (and sometimes destructively) edit its content. [Muslimwiki, WikiIslam]

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