Honouring a Faasiq

Khat by Hasan Celebi



“When a faasiq is praised, the Arsh of Allah shudders.”

A faasiq is a flagrant violator of the Shariah. When such a person is praised or honoured, the Wrath of Allah Ta’ala descends. When even the magnificent Throne of Allah Ta’ala shudders, it will be easy to understand the gravity of the crime of honouring a faasiq. For this reason it is haraam to allow a beardless person, i.e. o­ne who shaves or cuts his beard, to lead the Salaat or become the Muath-thin or to be a Musjid/Madrasah trustee or to allow a beardless qaari the honour of the Musjid platform to recite to the musallis as was the case recently when a faasiq qaari from Egypt was honoured in many Musaajid of the country.

Source : themajlis.net


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